I tried contacting several legal firms but simply could not afford the cost. After several meetings and false starts, I came across an article in the Globe and Mail about Denice Barrie.

I called Denice and couldn’t believe my ears when she said it all sounded fairly uncomplicated and we could probably have a simple divorce in a few months.

Her advice followed her philosophy and she could help me directly either by her actions or my self representation. As it turned out, I didn’t need to go to court myself because she had seen a simpler and clearer path that I alone had not figured out.

I was married in Tofino, BC on Vancouver Island’s wild, wet coast 3 days ago and now I’m back in the Okanagan Valley riding horses and very happily married after a long and twisted geographic and financial path.

I also see that Denice is again featured on CBC as she continues to promote the new legal path of self representation.

Thank you again, Denice, for your clear sighted vision and great advice. Keep up the important work.
Sincerest regards,
Bill L.