Law Research Librarian

Finding the law which applies to your case is critical to your success as a Self-Represented Litigant (SRL). And there is so much of it!

If you’ve had a look at Journey to Justice: A Practical Guide to Effectively Representing Yourself in Court you know that it may not be just the legislation, regulations and rules of court you need to get familiar with, but the case law interpreting them can play an equally important part.

Searching for the case law you need can be time consuming and frustrating.

A choice of databases is only available in a law library, and reviewing them may take many hours or even days of the time which as an SRL, you don’t have.

Waymark’s Research Service

Recognizing this need, Waymark has developed a research service geared specifically to people facing the justice system on their own.

We now have available a research specialist with years of experience working as a law librarian and with a special interest in helping SRL’s prepare their cases for court. Whatever province* you live in, we’re available to help with your research needs.

For rates please see the Waymark Services Page.

*Except Quebec, which has a different legal system