Waymark Law Services

Waymark Law provides Coaching and Support in the following ways.

Block Fee Services

Some of the legal services we provide just lend themselves to a standard, fixed fee.

Family law agreements (co-habitation agreements, pre-nuptial agreements and separations agreements) wills and powers of attorney are all examples of work you might want to have one of our lawyers do for you due to their complexity and because you will know right from the start how much it’s going to cost.

And as with all the other services Waymark provides, we strive to keep the cost of Block Fee Services at the low end of what you could expect if you asked a lawyer or notary to prepare them on your behalf.

For other block fee services, please ask

Pay It Forward!

Although we strive to keep our fees low, for some people, they are still out of reach. At the same time, our experience suggests that for most, 10 hours of Basic Service is usually required to support them from start to finish of their proceeding.

So, for those who book 10 hours of Basic Service in advance, we will provide one hour of the same to someone otherwise unable to afford it.

If you are a Self-Represented Litigant who needs the coaching and support Waymark provides, but not in a position to pay for it, please feel free to contact us and we will add your name to a list and let you know when someone has “paid it forward”.

For those in a position to book 10 appointments in advance, we will in addition to working with you for 10 hours, provide you with: