I am writing first and foremost to thank you profusely for your mission and your assistance.

Representing myself has been an intense and deepening experience that really should happen only very seldom in any single life. Exhausting, to say the least, but not without rewards if one is willing to work.

I have become extremely grateful recently as I have realized how much more, and more often, matters were brought along by the people that I rallied around me, including without reserve all the Waymark Law process has done. There is very simply no one else doing the service that Waymark does. Denice and Clodagh are pioneers.

I say this now, at this date, because it doesn’t essentially matter going forward what the outcome of my hearings may be. I am informed and confident. My gratitude here is for the personal empowerment I have been given, not the outcome. I already know I am stronger than I was when I started, and that what happens will be the best outcome simply because it will be one I invested myself in. It will belong to me.

Thank you ALL,

Jeff E.