In July of 2013, my spouse of 31 years left on vacation and came back to tell me she wanted a divorce. My requests for a separation agreement were ignored until I received the first of many letters from her lawyer, who happened to be a senior member and highly respected litigator with a leading Vancouver law firm. Within a few months, what promised to be a relatively simple divorce turned into a nightmare – an introduction to the family justice system which I will never forget.

Initially, I felt confident that I could represent myself. However, when the divorce became highly adversarial and complex, I soon realized I needed the help of a lawyer – a professional who could navigate the court system and represent my interests. Unfortunately, I quickly found that even though my lawyer was excellent at knowing what to do, I still had to provide all the content for affidavits and financial disclosure – often with very tight time constraints. As the months went by, the divorce became more complicated and the financial costs, together with the demands on my time, became unsustainable. I also found my lawyer’s view of how to protect my interests did not always agree with my personal values. Our differences of opinion on how to proceed with the case, together with the financial costs, led me back to self-representation.

A year after my divorce process started, I was facing the daunting maze of the family justice system on my own again. Fortunately for me, I found Denice at Waymark Law. Denice provided expert guidance in navigating the all the complex forms and procedures that allowed me to present my case to the court. Denice provided context and perspective to help me make the best decisions and she let me choose a course of action that was aligned with my personal values. Within 4 months of meeting Denice, I was able to finalize my divorce on my own terms. I no longer have to prepare for a two week long trial with all the related emotional stress, financial expense and time commitments and I no longer have long-term obligations for spousal support.

Denice was always there when I needed her – in spite of the long hours and the difficult demands. Thanks to her, I have my life back again.

Thank you Denice.

From John H.