I didn’t have to go to law school to know I had rights, but getting them respected has been extra difficult for me: My “ex” is a lawyer who practised family law locally for many years.

I came to Waymark Law after running out of money to pay my lawyer, running out of hours at the Justice Access Centre and almost, running out of hope. My children and I were left “high and dry”: Locked out of our home, family vehicle repossessed and no financial support for any of us on the horizon. I needed to get into court.

Waymark services were readily available and affordable. Denice was able to direct me to the law that applied to my case, help me set up my application and get a court date. She was a great supportive coach and with her help, I appeared in court several times on my own and got most of what I wanted. I was always scared, but totally empowered at the same time. Denice is truly a gem in the legal world in helping people left to face the legal system on their own.

No one should give up or cocoon. As Canadians, we have a right to access to justice.

Jean Young