Dealing with my divorce was the hardest thing that I had to do in my life.  I didn’t think I could do it but more importantly my ex-husband convinced me I couldn’t do anything without him.  I was left feeling small, insignificant, and basically beaten down.  I was like that for years until I met Denice Barrie at Waymark.  Even when I first started seeing Denice I was still not sure going to court was the “right” thing to do because I was too scared. I was afraid to face my ex and afraid of the whole legal system on my own, without having someone there to speak for me.  I didn’t think I could do it.  But after seeing her a few times she helped me realize that I can do it, with a little coaching.  I think she did a lot more than just coach.  She made me realize that I did deserve better and that I needed to fight for it.  She helped me with the legal process and walked me through the steps of going court and to expect. She was kind, supportive and understanding of my situation.

When I finally had my day in court, I was scared as hell, but I stood my ground and I won!!  It felt amazing and now, a year later, I know that going to Denice was the best thing for me.  My ex-husband is back to threatening me with court proceedings again, and I say, “Bring it on!”

Jac L