“The best way out is always through”  Robert Frost

This is the phrase I repeated over and over in my head when I wanted to give up.  I came to Waymark in a tough situation.  I became disabled and unable to work and my Ex left me in a very tough bind financially with next to no child support and no spousal support.  I had exhausted all my limited funds on a lawyer and used all my hours at the justice access center and made too much for legal aid. I was out of options until I heard about Waymark Law .

The Lawyers at Waymark have impacted my life in a profound way.  I went from scared of the legal system, my Ex’s lawyer and my Ex to empowered.  I have won many legal victories in the past year but many personal victories as well.  I put the process off for many years not feeling strong enough but realized it doesn’t go away.  You eventually have to confront the outstanding issues and go through it to get to the other side and I have become a braver, stronger, wiser person through the process.

Waymark will help you get there. They take an overwhelming process and break it down into manageable pieces.  They translate what you know into what the legal system will understand-because it’s like two different languages.  They have been huge supports for me and helped to boost my confidence when I was feeling timid and scared and celebrated with me when I was successful.

The legal system can work for you as a self-represented person with a little help and guidance.  Judges and really all the staff at the courthouse can be your allies in the process.  They will only do so if you are clear, organized and respectful. You do know your case better than anyone else and Waymark will help you streamline and translate all that valuable information into a format that will bring you to victory within the legal system.

A few more suggestions that helped me.  Go to the courthouse and watch a few proceedings so you get familiar with the routines, the layout and the language used.  This will help lower your anxiety. Bring a support person or group with you.  I have appeared in Chambers 10 times now.  I went from bringing a group, to a person to going by myself as I got more confident.

Finally, be brave and bold.  You can do this!

Carol W.