Waymark Law Client Talks about Representing Herself in Court

This Self-Represented Litigant had 10 days to prepare for a trial that lasted 16 in the Supreme Court of British Columbia with an experienced lawyer on the other side. She managed to save her house, and her dignity, in the process.

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Fortunately for me, I found Denice at Waymark Law

In July of 2013, my spouse of 31 years left on vacation and came back to tell me she wanted a divorce. My requests for a separation agreement were ignored until I received the first of many letters from her lawyer, who happened to be a senior member and highly...

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Be brave and bold. You can do this!

"The best way out is always through"  Robert Frost This is the phrase I repeated over and over in my head when I wanted to give up.  I came to Waymark in a tough situation.  I became disabled and unable to work and my Ex left me in a very tough bind financially with...

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I am informed and confident.

I am writing first and foremost to thank you profusely for your mission and your assistance. Representing myself has been an intense and deepening experience that really should happen only very seldom in any single life. Exhausting, to say the least, but not without...

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