Thank you again, Denice, for your clear sighted vision and great advice. Keep up the important work.

I tried contacting several legal firms but simply could not afford the cost. After several meetings and false starts, I came across an article in the Globe and Mail about Denice Barrie.

I called Denice and couldn’t believe my ears when she said it all sounded fairly uncomplicated and we could probably have a simple divorce in a few months.

Her advice followed her philosophy and she could help me directly either by her actions or my self representation. As it turned out, I didn’t need to go to court myself because she had seen a simpler and clearer path that I alone had not figured out.

I was married in Tofino, BC on Vancouver Island’s wild, wet coast 3 days ago and now I’m back in the Okanagan Valley riding horses and very happily married after a long and twisted geographic and financial path.

I also see that Denice is again featured on CBC as she continues to promote the new legal path of self representation.

Thank you again, Denice, for your clear sighted vision and great advice. Keep up the important work.
Sincerest regards,
Bill L.

Denice did a lot more than just coach. She made me realize that I did deserve better and that I needed to fight for it.

Dealing with my divorce was the hardest thing that I had to do in my life.  I didn’t think I could do it but more importantly my ex-husband convinced me I couldn’t do anything without him.  I was left feeling small, insignificant, and basically beaten down.  I was like that for years until I met Denice Barrie at Waymark.  Even when I first started seeing Denice I was still not sure going to court was the “right” thing to do because I was too scared. I was afraid to face my ex and afraid of the whole legal system on my own, without having someone there to speak for me.  I didn’t think I could do it.  But after seeing her a few times she helped me realize that I can do it, with a little coaching.  I think she did a lot more than just coach.  She made me realize that I did deserve better and that I needed to fight for it.  She helped me with the legal process and walked me through the steps of going court and to expect. She was kind, supportive and understanding of my situation.

When I finally had my day in court, I was scared as hell, but I stood my ground and I won!!  It felt amazing and now, a year later, I know that going to Denice was the best thing for me.  My ex-husband is back to threatening me with court proceedings again, and I say, “Bring it on!”

Jac L

Anyone who needs guidance in family law would benefit greatly from talking to Denice

As I’m sure many others do, I thought submitting an uncontested divorce claim on my own would be straight forward and cost saving.

But as I found out, once I received a letter from the judge denying one of my affidavits, that it can be quite confusing for the average person. I was determined to do this without costly legal fees but found myself in way over my head.

I was referred to Denice Barrie from a local lawyer who understood my situation. Denice recognized right away what I had done wrong and reassured me that she could help clean up my paperwork without going broke. I was very relieved!

It was a real pleasure meeting Denice and learning about her vision. Anyone who needs guidance in family law would benefit greatly from talking to Denice. I know I did!

Adam Snyder

Fortunately for me, I found Denice at Waymark Law

In July of 2013, my spouse of 31 years left on vacation and came back to tell me she wanted a divorce. My requests for a separation agreement were ignored until I received the first of many letters from her lawyer, who happened to be a senior member and highly respected litigator with a leading Vancouver law firm. Within a few months, what promised to be a relatively simple divorce turned into a nightmare – an introduction to the family justice system which I will never forget.

Initially, I felt confident that I could represent myself. However, when the divorce became highly adversarial and complex, I soon realized I needed the help of a lawyer – a professional who could navigate the court system and represent my interests. Unfortunately, I quickly found that even though my lawyer was excellent at knowing what to do, I still had to provide all the content for affidavits and financial disclosure – often with very tight time constraints. As the months went by, the divorce became more complicated and the financial costs, together with the demands on my time, became unsustainable. I also found my lawyer’s view of how to protect my interests did not always agree with my personal values. Our differences of opinion on how to proceed with the case, together with the financial costs, led me back to self-representation.

A year after my divorce process started, I was facing the daunting maze of the family justice system on my own again. Fortunately for me, I found Denice at Waymark Law. Denice provided expert guidance in navigating the all the complex forms and procedures that allowed me to present my case to the court. Denice provided context and perspective to help me make the best decisions and she let me choose a course of action that was aligned with my personal values. Within 4 months of meeting Denice, I was able to finalize my divorce on my own terms. I no longer have to prepare for a two week long trial with all the related emotional stress, financial expense and time commitments and I no longer have long-term obligations for spousal support.

Denice was always there when I needed her – in spite of the long hours and the difficult demands. Thanks to her, I have my life back again.

Thank you Denice.

From John H.

Be brave and bold. You can do this!

“The best way out is always through”  Robert Frost

This is the phrase I repeated over and over in my head when I wanted to give up.  I came to Waymark in a tough situation.  I became disabled and unable to work and my Ex left me in a very tough bind financially with next to no child support and no spousal support.  I had exhausted all my limited funds on a lawyer and used all my hours at the justice access center and made too much for legal aid. I was out of options until I heard about Waymark Law .

The Lawyers at Waymark have impacted my life in a profound way.  I went from scared of the legal system, my Ex’s lawyer and my Ex to empowered.  I have won many legal victories in the past year but many personal victories as well.  I put the process off for many years not feeling strong enough but realized it doesn’t go away.  You eventually have to confront the outstanding issues and go through it to get to the other side and I have become a braver, stronger, wiser person through the process.

Waymark will help you get there. They take an overwhelming process and break it down into manageable pieces.  They translate what you know into what the legal system will understand-because it’s like two different languages.  They have been huge supports for me and helped to boost my confidence when I was feeling timid and scared and celebrated with me when I was successful.

The legal system can work for you as a self-represented person with a little help and guidance.  Judges and really all the staff at the courthouse can be your allies in the process.  They will only do so if you are clear, organized and respectful. You do know your case better than anyone else and Waymark will help you streamline and translate all that valuable information into a format that will bring you to victory within the legal system.

A few more suggestions that helped me.  Go to the courthouse and watch a few proceedings so you get familiar with the routines, the layout and the language used.  This will help lower your anxiety. Bring a support person or group with you.  I have appeared in Chambers 10 times now.  I went from bringing a group, to a person to going by myself as I got more confident.

Finally, be brave and bold.  You can do this!

Carol W.

Denice is truly a gem in the legal world in helping people left to face the legal system on their own

I didn’t have to go to law school to know I had rights, but getting them respected has been extra difficult for me: My “ex” is a lawyer who practised family law locally for many years.

I came to Waymark Law after running out of money to pay my lawyer, running out of hours at the Justice Access Centre and almost, running out of hope. My children and I were left “high and dry”: Locked out of our home, family vehicle repossessed and no financial support for any of us on the horizon. I needed to get into court.

Waymark services were readily available and affordable. Denice was able to direct me to the law that applied to my case, help me set up my application and get a court date. She was a great supportive coach and with her help, I appeared in court several times on my own and got most of what I wanted. I was always scared, but totally empowered at the same time. Denice is truly a gem in the legal world in helping people left to face the legal system on their own.

No one should give up or cocoon. As Canadians, we have a right to access to justice.

Jean Young

I am informed and confident.

I am writing first and foremost to thank you profusely for your mission and your assistance.

Representing myself has been an intense and deepening experience that really should happen only very seldom in any single life. Exhausting, to say the least, but not without rewards if one is willing to work.

I have become extremely grateful recently as I have realized how much more, and more often, matters were brought along by the people that I rallied around me, including without reserve all the Waymark Law process has done. There is very simply no one else doing the service that Waymark does. Denice and Clodagh are pioneers.

I say this now, at this date, because it doesn’t essentially matter going forward what the outcome of my hearings may be. I am informed and confident. My gratitude here is for the personal empowerment I have been given, not the outcome. I already know I am stronger than I was when I started, and that what happens will be the best outcome simply because it will be one I invested myself in. It will belong to me.

Thank you ALL,

Jeff E.