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Our Guidebook provides Coaching and Support to Self-Represented Litigants.


Denice Barrie’s easy to read book Journey to Justice A Practical Guide to Effectively Representing Yourself in Court will take you from chaos to convincing one waymark at a time.

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Overcoming resistance to limited representation

Overcoming resistance to limited representation

In it's Featured Article on page 11, Bencher's Bulletin interviews Denice Barrie as a lawyer who has built a practice around providing 'unbundled' legal services. Nanaimo lawyer Denice Barrie can attest that, in some circumstances, a few hours of advice and coaching...

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Denice provided context and perspective to help me make the best decisions and she let me choose a course of action that was aligned with my personal values.
John H.

Waymark will help you get there. They take an overwhelming process and break it down into manageable pieces.
Carol W.

What the Media is Saying

Barrie has clearly developed a passion for the idea of addressing access to justice through assisted self-representation and notes it fits well with the notion of giving clients more control over their cases.
Glenn Kauth

Canadian Lawyer Magazine

For a growing number of people, the cost to hire a lawyer poses a dilemma: the need for justice, versus the risk of losing a case after spending thousands on legal bills. Barrie provides basic legal tools to help self-represented litigants succeed in court, at an affordable cost.
Darrell Bellaart

Nanaimo Daily News

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a lawyer?
Not necessarily. With some hard work, it is possible to manage your own case and reach an outcome as good as if you had been represented by a lawyer.
How much will it cost?
That’s a tough question, because it depends on so many factors, like the level of court you’re at (in the Supreme Court of BC, for example, it usually costs to file documents) and whether or not you actually get as far as a trial. In terms of the coaching and support you can get through Waymark Law, one hour of Basic Service costs $150.00 and usually, from start to finish, you can count on 10 hours total.
Will the judge treat me differently?
Judges are learning to work with the Self Represented Litigants who are appearing before them more and more often. Although you can’t expect any special treatment, as long as you come to court organized and act respectfully, most judges will understand if you need a little more time to get through the process.
Do I need to speak legalese?
No, and you shouldn’t even try. You can explain yourself using storytelling, short sentences and common words to effectively prepare and present your case.

Great Reviews for the Guidebook Journey to Justice!

The more litigants understand about the trial process, the closer we come to access to justice.

Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, P.C

Chief Justice of Canada, in a letter to Denice Barrie

“Journey to Justice” : important new resource for SRLs (and their lawyer coaches)

The National Self-Represented Litigants Project

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